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Life at PNC

Contrary to popular belief, working at a bank is far from a dull task.

In reality, there are so many types of jobs within a bank that the work is both stimulating and dynamic. The stereotype of the stuffy banker does not exist, especially not at PNC.

The PNC Bank Panel, hosted by Women in Business, was a very informative event that focused on introducing the Banking Industry to first-year students. The panelists discussed the different sectors within the bank such as wealth management, asset management, estate planning and investment banking. As one of many freshmen in attendance at the panel, this was the first time that I had heard of these jobs. Immediately, the opportunities that the world of banking offers were clear.

One aspect of PNC that the panelists emphasized was the welcoming culture. They proudly proclaimed that PNC is “one of the happier banks”, implying that the atmosphere is much more conducive to a healthy and balanced work environment. This was both shocking and encouraging to me, as I figured that any prestigious company would inherently be a stressful place to work. Additionally, I was pleased to hear that PNC is flexible with employees trying different roles within the company rather than forcing you to settle with just one.

Now that we were all sold on PNC, the panelists dove into the topic everyone was waiting for: the interview. In this scenario, the most important takeaway is to be comfortable talking about yourself. This can be difficult for many of us, and so it is an important skill to focus on. While of course it is essential to present the best version of yourself, it is equally vital to remain true to yourself. Misrepresenting yourself will not end well. At this point in our careers, we will have already developed the hard skills that are necessary to do the job. We need not forget the soft skills, which include communicating with clients and cultivating relationships with colleagues.

Lastly, the panelists discussed the different programs available to prepare students for a career at PNC. While these programs may not be currently relevant for the freshmen, it is important to be aware of the timeline as junior summer internships often recruit as early as sophomore year. The earlier we are aware of these opportunities the better.

The PNC Bank Panel was one of many events offered at VSB to help us plan what we want to do with our careers. Looking for more events like these to get you started? Go to for more resources offered by the O’Donnell Center for Professional Development.


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